Piotr Baja
Making games, building circuits, designing 3D drawings
About me
Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Peter and I am 23 years old. I am currently working as a Unity C# Developer and an Electronical Engineer at the Central Institute for Labour Protection. I like building stuff, i am happy when i make something move. I have server in my livingroom, soldering iron in bedroom and DIY electric scooter in corridor. I am experienced Linux user (Both desktop and server stuff). In my spare time I am running a YouTube channel where I create tutorial videos.

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Skills & Experience
Making games and experiences

Currently I am working as a full time Unity Developer, mainly creating VR experiences, simulations, games and apps. In free time i am still using Unity for my hobbies, developing Indie Games, implementing fun algorithms.

Designing and building circuits

I designed and deployed custom PCBs in simulators, robots, wearables. Combined different technologies, made them work togheter (Realtime motion capture, data from gyroscopes, driving remote robot).

3D Printing
3D Printing
Fusion 360
Ender 3

I bought my first 3D Printer a few years ago, after tinkering with it and making it work reliably i can say with confidence that it is now a completely different printer and i know a lot about 3D printing.

Internet of Things

I have built websites and backends, creating user interfaces and management tools for my devices and projects. This site that you are looking at this very moment has been built from scratch by me.

Other skills
Knowledge of
Matrix Screen
Screen preview

LED Matrix screen based on WS2813 leds consisting of 5, 5x5 modules. It displays current temperature, air quality, humidity, time and anything else that python script will request Images

Electric Scooter
C++ Electronics 3D Printing
Electric Scooter preview

Electric Scooter build from scratch, this is prototype 2.0. 2kW engine, 45km/h max speed, about 15-20km range (second battery on the way) More images

Python Raspberry π
PiHD44780 preview

Library for i2c HD44780 LCD module. Written with simplicity and portability in mind. Tested on Raspberry π Source code

Python SQLAlchemy Arduino
SensorsHub preview

Software for collecting data from IoT sensors, saving it in the database, and displaying on charts. Source code

Gravity Tunnel
Unity VR
Gravity Tunnel preview

VR Game for people that wants really unique experience. I created whole game from scratch while working in my first job. Video

Cube Terrain
Unity C#
CubeTerrain preview

Minecraft like virtual reality game. The minecraft world importer, textures, user interfaces and lighting has been created by me. Video

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